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Software and consulting services to help bring operational excellence to your sales & marketing processes - visualising your KPIs and improving CRM and quotations.

KPI Dashboards

"You get what you measure"
Visualise your KPIs, and ensure they're easily accessible and up to date. Easy to use software to measure the right things, as often as you like, leveraging your existing data in CRM and accounting systems, with a structure of high level KEY performance indicators, and the ability to drill down to detail.

IS Online are developers of the Visual Sales Forecast dashboard system, which is currently in beta, and will shortly have beta access made available to the public.

Optimise your Sales & Marketing processes and CRM

You probably have a CRM system, some good customers, and a great product or service that has some valuable qualities. Many organisations don't make best use of their CRM. Are you one of them? We will help improve and optimise your CRM systems and quotation process to maximise your revenue and profit growth.

Bringing operational excellence to increase effectiveness and efficiency of your team.
We aim to ensure that all staff that interact with customers can help maintain your CRM with as little effort as possible - so that they are focused on their job helping or selling to customers. Meanwhile we help managers, CEOs and managing directors to visualise and keep track of the key performance indicators across their business, especially around customer engagement, without adding admin or bureaucracy to the staff.
End result: Increase revenues and profits, staff focused on the most important aspects of serving your customers and working efficiently.

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