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What we do - KPI software, CRM sales process improvement and automation, quotation systems

IS Online is focused on helping organisations implement great sales & marketing processes, to help their businesses to grow their revenues profitably, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales teams. This is achieved by visualising the sales & marketing process, and identifying KPIs and the best way to visualise them. We then apply appropriate processes and sales automation, and add our own proprietary software where appropriate, to help sales and marketing teams become more structured, more efficient, more effective, and more compelling to customers.

Your business probably has a good customer base, some good people, who are selling and delivering good products and services to those customers. And in many cases they have some form of CRM (e.g. Act, Salesforce, Dynamics, Goldmine etc), as well as finance systems such as Sage or Quickbooks. However many organisations don’t make the best use of these resources – lacking a holistic, joined up view of the sales & marketing process, and therefore each department using Excel spreadsheets to meet their own needs, or to supplement the “official” systems.

You deliver a great product or service to your customers, that customers have proven that they value because they’ve bought it from you. This is what makes your business really special.

IS Online will help you leverage those great things about your product or service, and build upon your sales and marketing team and existing systems, and help you evolve and improve your processes to grow your revenues profitably.


IS Online was originally founded by Dave Abraham in 1997, and built a great client base including Eurotunnel, Iceland Frozen Foods, Bytes Technology Group and Robson Rhodes. In 2000, some of these customers were migrated to Dave’s new business, Signify, which he co-founded with John Stewart. IS Online was then dormant, until active trading restarted in 2013 after Signify was successfully sold to Accumuli PLC. Dan Youngs joined the team in 2013.


Dave Abraham – CEO and Founder. Dave brings an unusual combination of significant experience as CEO, and Sales & marketing director, combined with technical, systems, software development and process understanding and practice.

Dave was CEO and sales & marketing director of Signify from 2006 until the business was successfully sold in 2013. Dave had co-founded Signify in 2000 as chief technology officer, with John Stewart as CEO in the first 6 years.

Signify delivered an IT security managed service – 2 factor authentication as a cloud hosted service - to over 270 UK and multinational organisations. These included Kier, Eversheds, Norton Rose, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, and London Borough of Southwark, as well as many smaller organisations.

As CEO of Signify, Dave led the business to more than double revenue through the recession, turning the business around from being loss making in 2006, to being very profitable for 5 years in a row, with a very profitable recurring revenue stream. This included leading the sales & marketing team to implement great processes to understand and engage customers, backed with the implementation of a CRM system and quotation tool to make the sales team very efficient and successfully double revenues and deliver great profitability and teamwork. The systems and processes gave great visibility to management and between teams, through to the operations teams, ensuring that Signify had one combined view of customer.

Prior to Signify, Dave had implemented sales automation and web sites, including developing software, for a range of marketing departments and marketing agencies from 1995 – 2000, initially for the Words Group (a full service marketing agency), and founded IS Online in 1997.

Dan Youngs – Consultant. Dan runs the Research Labs, evaluating and implementing a range of different CRM systems and other sales automation tools, to ensure that we can deliver process improvements for your sales team irrespective of which CRM systems you use. This research also ensures that we remain independent of any single CRM vendor, and can therefore give you impartial advice on the best way of leveraging your existing systems. Dan was previously a researcher at Signify’s research labs.

Third party consultants. IS Online works with a and project manages projects using a number of 3rd party consultants with deep specialisms in accounting systems and CRM systems where necessary, and for larger projects, to ensure that we can deliver customers a complete solution, with a single point of contact.

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