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We help organisations improve their operational excellence, using a combination of our business experience and strategic IT knowledge.  By evolving processes and technology holistically we improve efficiency, scalability and profitability of companies.  We work across a common range of areas of the business and related technologies.

Reaching a Deal
Market Analysis

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

From "standard" CRM systems, MS Dynamics and CapsuleCRM to industry specific systems such as Connectwise for IT Managed service providers to Gamma for Tourist Attractions - we have worked with many, and they all have something in common. They help optimise and manage an organisation's relationship with its customers, from initial sale, delivery of the product or service, and ongoing further sales.

Dashboard and reporting

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant". A key step in any implementation is visualising what is going on with an organisation. And using visual tools to understand and evolve. Often, instinctively people feel they know. But beyond a company of 8-10 staff, it is amazing how different reality can be from the feeling. And especially the ability to spot trends and see what is going to happen, before it happens. Producing a dashboard for a team of live data from their existing systems dramatically helps an organisation evolve and improve with only minor interventions to shape processes. We typically work with PowerBI and Brightguage, and work directly with SQL to give you real time data from your systems.

Project and issue tracking

As soon as a task takes more than a day or involves several people, we believe that is a "project" that will likely be managed better with a system to visualise it. Post-it notes on a white board soon become a Kanban board - in most cases, there is a benefit to making that board electronic. Some CRM systems include enough project management capability within them as part of the delivery of projects to customers. In which case, we help organisations make the most of what's already possible in their CRM system. In other cases we make use of systems such as Jira or Trello to help organisations get on top of their projects.

Successful Work Team
Data on a Touch Pad

People Management

It's a cliche that "people are our greatest asset". But it's also usually true. We passionately believe that looking after your staff and giving them the tools to succeed both at work, and in life as a whole, is a fundamental driver of successful organisations. So we work with organisations to ensure they are looking after their staff and giving their staff the support that allows them to succeed. This can include the "basics", of giving them a simple tool for requesting and approving holidays, tracking one to ones and appraisals, and making it easy to manage the recruitment and induction process of new staff. We recommend using BambooHR as a tool for managing staff.

Mobile Devices

Modern technology - from wifi, hi speed broadband, and mobile phones and tablets - enable staff to do more, from wherever is the best place to do that work. Whether that is by doing work in the office, on a customer site, at home, or on a beach somewhere! We help organisations "get things right, first time, as the work happens", by guiding organisations to give staff the right tools. For example we help organisations use Prontoforms for their mobile workers to complete forms of work they've done when at a customer site. We have also developed mobile phone apps and responsive web interfaces for tourist attractions so that that staff have information right at their fingertips when interacting with visitors.


All of the systems that we help organisations improve have one thing at the core - they hold key and valuable information that is of value to the organisation - customer information, project information, personal data about their staff or customers. We help organisations think through the core security approaches that they should take, such as 2-factor authentication, to keep their data secure.

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